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GT Competition Belt Set (2 Seats - 6 Point)

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13.50 LBS
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Ford GT Competition Belt Set, Logo A, Black, Standard Hardware

Competition Belts are normally required for most open track or time trial events.

Just being belted in will make you a better driver and reduce your laps times. Sliding around in the seat while concentrating on hitting the apex at over 1g is not easy. You will feel more confident once you belt up.

We offer a custom tailored set for the GT. A 6 point system that does not require any modification to the seats.

There is enough excess belt to accommodate large and small framed drivers, but not so much you will be left trying to stuff it somewhere. These are Left and Right and should not be interchanged for the best fit.

Camlocks are positioned to avoid chips and dings to the center tunnel when placing the belts upon exit. The driver side is positioned to the left and the passenger side is positioned to the right.

Each camlock has a unique cover with prototype style logo and belts have the same logo used on the shoulder strap adjusters.

These are produced especially for us by a well respected Competition Belt Mfg. Meets SFI/SCCA competiton specifications. The belts are available in black or red. The black belt tabs are available with a black border (logo A) or a white border (logo B). We are also offering a BLACKBIRD option which gives you a new look with blacked out hardware.  The Blackbird options adds $50.00 to the cost of the belt set.  There is also a HANS option for you folks that use this safety device.  Unless specified this option is only on the drivers side. The HANS device option adds $20.00 to the cost of the belt set.   

Limited production.

Single seat set-ups also available and are priced at $300.00 per seat. If you are interested in single seat, you will also need a drivers side belt clip set and a harness bar.  Contact us at for pricing information.  Price shown is for 2 seats (driver and passenger)

There are lots of belt choices out there, if you need help selecting a set we are glad to help, even if this is not the set you are buying. There are others with some very nice features as well. We have installed most types and can at least give you some tips on how to order them for the GT. The guys at Safecraft also know the car well and can point you in the right direction as well. - paste into your browser.