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Rear Bumper Delete Kit

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Rear Bumper Delete Kit
Rear Bumper Delete Kit by Classic Design Concepts -The kit is well done and allows you to keep all the parts needed to return to stock with no issues. No cutting, drilling, etc. The one lower panel must be painted locally to match. We recommend you bring your bumper to the painter for the best paint match.

We can tell you how to line up the stripes if it is a stripe car. Not as bad as it may seem. The kit looks fantastic if you want the Prototype look.

Fairly easy to install, real easy on a lift. No cutting and totally reversible, comes with shortened rear bumper extensions. Heat protection material on the back of the panel has kept the paint looking good for over 4,000 miles so far.

Now what to do with exhaust?. You only have 3 options with this kit. The Borla muffler, Ford Racing Rear Exit Headers ( With Modification) or the Heffner Pipe at this time. If you already have a Borla Muffler, you are home free, as the Shortened tips are available.

Now if you like the 60's Era big rear screen look, contact the GT GUYS on the link under service, they will travel to you. Most exhaust systems work with this option, as there is no trim ring used. They install both versions. But to our knowledge they are the only ones fabricating the piece for the big rear screen 60's look.

Cooltech in So. Calif installs the CDC kit and has done many. They are able to paint the rear panels as well and know all the kit options and combinations.