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Heritage Number Kit (No Roundels) OEM

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Heritage Number Kit  (No Roundels) OEM
Heritage Number Kit (No Roundels) OEM. I got a few of these before the big price hike. I have since found it to be more cost effective to just have them made. But if you are after an OEM set, these are fairly priced based on the current market, still sealed, except the one in the pic that has already been sold.

Note: The fonts used for the Heritage kit and show cars are not all normal fonts you find. Some seem to be art work. The kit has some numbers that are large for a single digit application and others than can be combined for a double digit number. The Numbers 4 and 7 cannot be combined to make double digit numbers.

If you have something speical in mind it is best to send us an email so you will know this kit will work for you.

While supplies last ! - Again this kit does not include the Roundels.