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GT40 Concept Fluid Cap Set

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GT40 Concept Fluid Cap Set

GT40 Concept Fluid Cap Set - These caps have been in development since prior to Rally 2 in Newport.

The aim was to produce a cap that was the finishing touch to the stock engine bay. What if the GT team had a little more to spend?. Going back deep in to the early photos, it was obvious the design team wanted to do this. A machined cap was on the GT40 prototype at the SEMA show in 2003. That cap was fitting for the motor in the car at the time. But the production motor is way different in looks and finish.

We tried a full coverage cap but it just looked to big to us, we spent weeks with different mock ups. Tall versions, short versions. And at the end of the day, these seemed to fit best.

The circle in the top matches the circle in the seat. It creates a spectrum of silver shades that match various finishes in the engine bay. The circle is pulled from the Seat and Gas pedal designs. The grip is the inverse of the ribs in the blower.

The finish is anodized clear over a light polish. We did not want the caps to be the highlight of the engine bay, but to compliment one of the best production engine bays in the world.

We used the finest aluminum, CNC each part to spec, polish each item, clear anodize it and laser engrave lettering in a OEM style font.

The coolant caps are the same size, but the oil stands alone as does the power steering.

Why don't they say Ford GT, well, others do and they were built for the Mustang GT, but fit our cars. These are done in the spirit of what could have been, from the GT40 Concept car.

A Full set includes:

Engine Coolant
Oil Filler
Power Steering
Dip Stick
Five stunning pieces. All using the OEM under pinnings.


And while we were at it, a re-designed dipstick mount is used to prevent rattle.

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