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GT Transaxle Cooler by CoolTechLLC

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GT Transaxle Cooler by CoolTechLLC

Ford GT Transaxle Cooler by CoolTechLLC

Key Benefits

Factory mounting location, parallel and immediately adjacent to right side inlet scoop. (Maximum air flow and affectivity.)

Utilizes factory mounting locations - ABSOLUTELY no drilling, cutting, or other modifications needed to the GT

Uses large AN - 8 hose and fittings for maximum flow & cooling ability Large heat exchanger specifically manufactured and tested for cooling heavier gear oil. (More surface area than other options.)

The best components throughout - from the Sweden-manufactured racing cooler (Setrab), to all lines and fittings. All top quality.

Key, Unique Differentiators

Can be completely self-installed. Car does not have to be lifted, nor do any bottom pans need to be removed. Whether you do the install yourself, or you have someone else do it, this cooler will take much less time to install.

Other solutions specify for you to check and fill transaxle fluid level after a cooler installation. This step requires that you lift the car (not easy on a GT) and you remove the bottom pan to get access to the check & fill ports of the transaxle. With the Cool Tech solution, we tell you the exact added capacity of the system and we provide a way to add the appropriate additional fluid during the installation. This is a huge timesaver . We will even ship you the oil you need!

In/Out flow direction matters. With the Cool Tech kit, we specify the exact in/out connection on the cooler. Any engineer or racer will tell you that for ideal affectivity, oil should flow in the bottom and out the top of a vertical oil cooler. The vertical orientation of a cooler is ideal for affectivity.

"Cool" line routing and stays. Yes, it's a just a cooler and lines - but you want to route the lines and properly "fix" them so they do not come in contact with other critical engine/drivetrain components. Cool Tech experimented with different stays and attach points. They spent a lot of time and attention to get the stays done right - and lasting the lifetime of the car.

Do you need a transaxle cooler. Well, Ford recommends it for "Spirited" Driving. What else do you do with Ford GT. Also helps to prevent weeping from the axle vent. The transaxle retails for over $14,000. We think it's a good idea.

Please Note:  Black anodized fittings available for immediate shipping.  Other colors are special order and take an additional week.