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GT specific Titanium Shim Set - Front or Rear

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GT specific Titanium Shim Set - Front or Rear
Titanium Shims - These are the same front or rear as are the brake pads. These are cut to fit the GT high tech NHV shim design. No need to remove the wear indicators or notch the shim.

Titanium is a heat break like the handle on your frying pan. The break prevents a large amount of heat transfer to the caliper piston. As a result, your fluid will not boil as easy and the pedal will not get soft, Brake fade due to fluid heating is greatly reduced or non-existent.

Caliper piston dust shields will no longer burn. These have been used by pro race teams for years. Some even have the caliper pistons or tips made in Ti.

Now available for the Ford GT. Easy install. Directions included. If you want both front and rear sets order (2).

Easy install, calipers do not need to be removed.