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About Us

Ford GT Parts designs, manufactures and sells unique parts and accessories exclusively for the Ford GT Supercar also known by some as the New GT40.

While we make a few unique Ford GT products, the site will also help you find parts made by other Ford GT oriented companies and designers, as well as routine maintenance and performance products. You will find links to these other resources in many categories. The GT community has many talented owners that have come up with, and executed some very nice modifications. Some of these owners have produced high quality limited production products but are not interested in a website. So, you may see information listed about an item but no link to a site. Email us and we will help put you in contact with these folks when possible. You will also find links to some of the most respected shops that specialize in the Ford GT. And of course, links to GTs for sale from credible sources.

If you are looking for feedback or opinions on a given item, modification, etc, you will find the to be a valuable resource. The search feature works very well. Most all owners donate a fee to participate in the forum. It really is the ultimate GT resource and far better than any repair manual. So, if you had no issue paying a premium for a repair manual, you should find this membership fee a bargain. I know many members, and can say with confidence all will confirm the forum is the best GT experience anywhere.

For our site, listing products that may never be sold by the site is a non traditional approach to a business. Our goal is to provide a service to the owners and future owners and eventually allowing owners to go to fewer places on the net to locate a wide selection of parts and accessories for the Ford GT. As an owner of various low production vehicles over the years, finding unique custom parts was always a challenge. Unless you lived on one of the Forums, you were out of touch and would spend hours on end using the search feature when you saw something you liked in a picture or at a show.

If you manufacture a part or product for the Ford GT ,and would like us to consider adding it to our site, just drop us a line. Products will be added based on favorable review by other GT owners if not personally used by us on our own GTs. In other words, we will need a reference.

With our own unique products, we intend to offer Ford GT products that keep the original design spirit in mind. Some may be retrospective in nature and others evolutionary. The car was produced for only 2 years from 2005-2006. But the shape is timeless and the design team left a lot of room for the GT community to carry on and update the best Ford ever. The GTX1 and recent 1 of 1 Camilo/Heffner TT GT are fine examples. American ingenuity at it best. As the GT ages we begin to ask ourselves a few questions:

  • What if the car was updated like other cars over the years ?
  • What options or subtle changes would have evolved?
  • What would the new performance envelope look like ?
  • What if the design team won every battle with the accountants, what items may have been included ?
  • What would an R model have included?
  • What may be included in a Track pack option?

These are just a few examples of evolution and retrospective possibilities that have been, and are driving the on-going development of unique items for the Ford GT.

Our customer service policy is simple. If you are not happy, we are not happy. We will go the extra mile to insure any issues are resolved promptly. Purchases made off site through other vendors will be the responsibility of that vendor. All of our own unique items carry a 30 day money back guarantee.

Thanks for visiting our site, we hope we are able to add to your Ford GT ownership experience.